HSM Market Terms of Use

1.1 Welcome to HSM Market. It is advised that you read and understand the “Terms of Use,” since by accessing this website, you agree to these terms and recognize that they are part of HSM Market’s policy. If you do not agree, you will be unable to use the services provided in our website.

1.2 The terms and conditions of use, placed on HSM Market, are an agreement between us (the website) and you (the visitors), and by accessing our site, you agree to the clauses described in the terms of use. We may amend the Terms of Use from time to time, and your continuing use of our website indicates that you agree to the new Terms of Use.

1.3 Without prior warning, the Website maintains the right to terminate all clauses of the Terms of Use. Following this termination, HSM Market reserves the right to deactivate your account access (User ID and password) granted by our website, and you will no longer be able to use our portal access.

1.4 Users must give accurate information to place an order, and if any changes need to be made, update as soon as possible. HSM Market users are advised not to supply fake information or information about another person on their behalf. In the event of a fraudulent order or erroneous information, the order will be revoked, and the individual responsible for the penalty will be held accountable.

1.5 If any odd activity is found in a user’s account, the user will be held accountable and will be banned from accessing the account immediately. If you are not directly involved in the unexpected activity via your account, however, you may contact us at customer support at [email protected] | 0092-330-3591021..

1.6 HSM Market advises its users not to disclose their account information with anyone under any circumstances.

1.7 HSM Market owns the data acquired and has the right to utilize it. Users’ personal information may be used to send promotional emails or to provide new features to the HSM Market Website.

1.8 HSM Market retains the right to take legal action against anyone who attempts to harm HSM Market’s reputation or cause confusion among its users.

2.0 If an issue is reported at any moment, HSM Market reserves the right to cancel your order. You will receive a confirmation call from the Customer Service department of HSM Market, and if there is any confusion, you will be asked for detailed information.

2.1 HSM Market is committed to providing complete information about the products accessible on its website. In case of price errors & omission, inaccurate descriptions, quantity miscalculations the order will not be processed until rectified on the

2.2 Any modifications in order or related information will be done two hours before delivery process.

2.3 In case of product out of stock HSM will make it its priority to inform you on customer feedback request as soon as its replenished or refund the amount if ordered.

Email: [email protected]hsmmarket.com
Customer services no: 0092-330-3591021

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